BEST Christmas Gifts

Have you ever noticed that the BEST Christmas Gifts are usually the latest technology inventions of the past year?

In recent years, whenever I asked my Husband the proverbial Holiday question: “What do you want for Christmas the year?” The answer I often get is: “Do you know what the hot Christmas gifts are this year?  What about a new internet tablet or the latest iPhone released?”  About four years ago, it was: “what about one of those new ereader things you keep telling me about?”

This year, “when I popped the question”, he answered “Oh, I don’t know. What are the latest technology inventions you have checked out recently?”

I thought for a minute and remembered a new iPad had been released again. He had the first one sold by Apple. I think I bought it for him in 2009 or maybe even 2008. A new internet tablet might be the best gift, but since the release of the first Apple iPad, there have been a lot of imitators.

I decided to investigate the new iPad and, at least, one other internet tablet with good reviews for comparison.

First the iPad. One reason I have selected this tablet is its large 9.7 inch touchscreen. I gotta remember my husband’s aging eye sight. Another reason for consideration, he has the first iPad released and still loves it. I, personally, think Apple’s iPad is one of the best technology inventions of the past decade.

Although costly, I do think the iPad reviews and extensive features support the price tag. The first place I look for a review of any electronics device is Amazon. It is not the only place I look for reviews, but it is where I can find reviews quickly and easily.  You can find out what “Star” rating a product has, how many people have reviewed it and you can read the reviews.

Lets face it, if a product has a 5 Star rating, but has only been reviewed by one customer, does it really have a 5 Star rating?  In my opinion, the more reviews, the more accurate the rating will be.

The Apple model with the best reviews is the new iPad 16GB, WiFi unit. The new iPad vs. the iPad 2 are upgrades to its Bluetooth technology, the Apple iOS 4 has been updated to the Apple iOS 5; Dual-Core A5X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics and it features a more advanced camera with higher resolution and video recording capabilities. My husband’s iPad does not offer video recording at all.

Amazon customers really seem to love their iPads. They have given it 4.3 Stars. You will find 387 customer, to date, have reviewed the new iPad.

To look at all the new Apple iPad reviews from Amazon customers, CLICK HERE

I’m also going to look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with 7 inch screen. The screen is small compared to the iPad, but the graphics are really nice, given its low price. The average price of the new iPad is about $520.00 and the Galaxy Tab 2 is around $250.

The Galaxy 2 has been reviewed by 499 Amazon customers and has received a 4.1 Star rating. That’s a good rating for a small internet tablet. I must admit there are some pretty big differences in the features of these 2 tablets and it isn’t just the price tag or the screen size.

Each works on entirely different operating systems. It is very difficult to compare the two. Both systems get good reviews, but it does seem Apple IOS products have very devoted customers, that usually don’t understand or appreciate the Galaxy Android operating system and “vice-verse”.

The iPad has a better camera and twice the internal memory. I know what you are going to say: “I am comparing apples to oranges”, but remember the price difference.  I must also mention the iPad battery is huge compared to the Galaxy 2..

To check out the Amazon reviews, CLICK HERE.

OK, now its time to add internet tablet to the Best Christmas Gifts list for my husband, Mike. The only decision now is how much money do I want to spend. Will I buy the new iPad or the smaller Galaxy Tab 2 and save about $300.

Tough decision, but I have time. One thing I know is if I select the more affordable internet tablet, there will be money left over to buy Mike another Holiday Gift.


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