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LOOKING for the BEST Christmas Gifts?

One of the BEST Christmas gifts for sale are the latest technology inventions.  One of the latest technology inventions are ereaders. Lets do an ereader comparison in hopes of finding the best Christmas gifts to select from for my husband.  He doesn’t have an ereader yet.

The two ereaders I hear about all the time are the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble NOOK.

So, lets compare Kindle and Nook.

Kindle was created by Amazon and I found a lot of different models.  They come in all different sizes and price ranges.  One of the latest technologies added to the newest Kindle is high definition.

But, I am going to focus on what is called the Kindle Keyboard because out of all the Kindle reviews available, it has the best.

It only has a 6″ display screen, but based on the reviews of its graphics, I think it is worth considering for my best Christmas gifts list.

I could not believe the Kindle Keyboard reviews received from Amazon customers.  It has a 4.5 Star rating out of a possible 5 Stars.  But, what impressed me the most is that this product has been reviewed by over 37,500 people. Maintaining an average 4.5 Stars is a strong indicator that customers are very happy they selected the Kindle.

This ereader offers free 3G wireless coverage in the US, as well as, 100 other countries and Wifi access at all AT&T WiFi locations.  It has  a crystal clear display provided by a relatively new technology in graphics called E Ink that produces virtually no glare.  It downloads ebooks from the HUGH Amazon Kindle library in seconds. It is very light, easy to carry and its’ owners are very happy with how simple it is to use.

However, what really gets my attention is the Kindle price.  It is ONLY $159.  Sometimes there are special offers available that brings the price down to $139.  Just remember, you can not buy a Kindle anywhere except on

Now, for the Barnes & Noble NOOK.  There are a variety of nooks available too, but you can buy the NOOK in a variety of stores who offer very competitive sale prices.   Since its 2009 release, the NOOK has been updated and upgraded several times just like the Amazon Kindle.

When I started to compare the different ereaders developed by Barnes & Noble, I discovered two new NOOK(s) ready for release on November 1 of this year.

Since I really want to compare the latest technology inventions, I investigated the two New Nook for myself.

The NOOK HD is a 7″ tablet with a price of $199 for the 8GB model and $229 for the 16GB model.  Also set to be released on November 1 is the NOOK HD+  The BIG difference-the Nook HD+ is a 9 inch tablet with a price tag of only $269 for the 16GB model and $299 for the larger 32GB model. That is VERY competitive pricing when you factor in the size of the screen and the memory capacity available.

The NOOK 9 inch tablet is more expensive than the Kindle keyboard with the 7 inch screen, but it just might be worth the mark up. The reasons for the price difference is the larger touchscreen. It weighs less than the new iPad and it is thinner than most of the Kindles.

The HD resolution is incredible; better than any of the Kindles I looked at for comparison.  Books download quickly and you can select from over 3 million.   The battery life of both ereaders are similar

You can see a brief overview of both the Barnes and Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ HERE.

The only disappointment is the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ will not be available for shipment until November 1, 2012.  Check back soon for more product information and Nook reviews..

OK, now I have completed two ereader comparisons and I will add them to my Best Christmas Gifts list.

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