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Digital Camera Reviews

One of the best Christmas gifts you can buy for someone has to be a digital camera.  Looking for digital camera reviews?  My digital camera is about five years old and it is time for an updated model. Lets look at some that are affordable, but also for the amateur photographer I am.

I am going to start looking for the best digital camera at Amazon.  Amazon offers shoppers a Best Sellers list of 100 products in a variety of categories.

Since I am not a professional photographer, I have investigated simple, easy to use cameras. When I searched for digital cameras in Amazon’s best sellers Electronics category, one of the cameras on their list was the Canon PowerShot A2300.

For the price, I was impressed with its features.  I went to a local store and actually got to take a couple store shots and I got nice clear quality images. It so easy to operate, I was able to figure out how to take a picture without even reading the instruction manual.

I did need to look at the manual to operate the video recording feature, but I think that is to be expected unless you have previously owned a digital camera with video recording capabilities. It offers high definition videoing and it created a decent movie.

There are a variety of Canon PowerShot, but this model weighs almost nothing making it very easy to carry if I am hiking or out riding my Quad .  It is small; just over a half inch thick, less than 4 inches long and 2 inches high.  The salesperson said Folks “on the go” really like it since it is easy for active people to take with them when outdoors.

The zoom on the PowerShot A2300 permits the user to get 5 times closer to a desired image.  It features wide angle views and has a stabilization control so movement is reduced and less likely to be detected in a photograph.

The only drawback that I found for this camera is the flat buttons may make it difficult for a man with big fingers to operate.  If you decide the the Canon PowerShot A2300, is the camera for you, just be sure to get the newest model.  There is an older version that does not offer the “anti” movement and shake stabilization feature.

When I got home, I went back to Amazon to look at Canon PowerShot reviews.  Out of 55 customers who provided digital camera reviews, it received a 4.4 Star rating.  You can read all 55 reviews by CLICKING HERE.

I also searched for Canon PowerShot A2300 digital camera reviews from an independent source. A website many trust as it provides excellent reviews is-You Tube

I never buy a product without checking out at least one other. Another easy to use digital camera, with a few more features, is the Panasonic Lumix, model SZ7.  Its a bit more expensive, but it offers a bit MORE.  Again, I looked for a camera that was for the novice “shutterbug”, not the professional.

From what I have learned, most folks who use digital cameras don’t spend a lot of money for them.  I did find digital cameras that were $1000, but they are way too sophisticated for me.

It is simple to operate and offers all the picture clarity I need. If you find a Panasonic Lumix, SZ1 sale or any other manufacturer’s price reduction, it will only cost about $120-$135.  If not, you will pay $160-190.

If you compare the Canon PowerShot, to the Panasonic Lumix, you will find Panasonic has double the optical zoom, plus an extra wide angle lens. That’s pretty much the only major differences for the contrast in price.

Both provide virtually the same megapixel clarity, and both are small, lightweight digital cameras for people with an active life style who want to save their happy moments and memories.

When I searched Amazon for reviews of the Panasonic digital camera, I did find it on sale, but I want to check out the reviews before I make my final decision. It has been reviewed by 47 customers who on average gave the Lumix 4.5 Stars.

You can see all the Panasonic Lumix reviews by CLICKING HERE.

Since I found reviews for the Canon PowerShot on YouTube, I decided to look for Panasonic Lumix reviews on YouTube as well. Of course, I found one and you too can check it out.

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