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I am always LOOKING for the Coolest Gadgets!

One of today’s coolest gadgets is the Golf  Buddy.  What makes me think its one of the Coolest Gadgets?  It has some of the BEST GPS reviews.

It has received 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars.  This is based on comments posted by more than 185 Amazon Customers which is an excellent sampling.

To start, a golf gps is one of the latest technology inventions for the Golfer who wants all the advantages available to make him a winner. The Golf Buddy is a real GPS unit and one of its best features is its automatic recognition of a course or hole providing accurate distance information to the green.

Better still, new technologies brings the Golf Buddy to you loaded with all the accessible courses in North America free of charge. This feature alone makes it one of the coolest gadgets for a Golfer.

If you golf overseas, you can add course information from around the world to your “Buddy” as it has the ability to store information for up to 20,000 golf courses making it one of the best gadgets for a pro or novice Golfer.

One of the preferred components and highest rated feature of the Golf Buddy is its large screen which makes it really easy to read. You will effortlessly discover the exact distances to hazards, greens, lay up locations and so MUCH more with its 1/2″ to 1″ size numbers that display information on the screen.

You will find any structure or obstacle on the course which will assist you with the winning score at the end of the day.

Another reason this is one of the coolest gadgets in the world of Golf, is its ease of use.  This makes the Golf Buddy a great invention for a novice. With its 12 hour lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with AAA battery backup, there is no need to recharge in the middle of a game.

It also features a score tracking module, a target icon screen and has been developed with a durable, waterproof design and multi-lingual display making it one of the latest technology inventions in the sport of golf.

The Golf Buddy’s latest technology provides the user with a superb view that adjusts the shape of the green, depending on the Golfer’s position and angle to offer the best shot.

Amazon is often the first place I check for reviews especially when I am investigating new gadgets.  It is often very helpful to hear what others have to say about a product so I do not regret a purchase later.

Amazon sells just about everything and its customers are faithful and honest reviewers.  The reviews of the Golf Buddy are in and its owners give it “thumbs up” approval.

Whether it is the coolest gadgets, the latest electronics, newest computers or anything else, you can bet you will find valuable reviews from Amazon’s customers.

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME product and convenience June 25, 2012

I’ve been in the market for a golf GPS or rangefinder and have been undecided for a long time. The laser rangefinders are definitely appealing, but the form factor and having to dig a large item out of your bag when you need to get the pin distance was a major drawback.

I also looked at a bunch of the new GPS systems, but many of them almost had too many functions and features – enough that I knew I would be distracted during my golf round. Really, all I want is a good, reliable, accurate distance to the pin. This product is it.


Looking for a truly physical joystick to provide the ultimate gaming experience on your tablet computer?  Then, the JOYSTICK-IT is for you!

All you do is press it onto your Apple tablet screen and it is ready to go.  When necessary, you can easily move it to another location with no damage to your tablet’s glass display and, once again, you are ready for gaming action.

With the latest technology inventions of “wireless”,  the JOYSTICK-IT requires no wires or batteries and it works with more games than you can imagine. Literally thousands of touchscreen based games are now available with more exciting precision. If you have an on screen control pad game of any kind, you will find this perfect for your gaming entertainment as it is one of the coolest gadget released by Apple.

The JOYSTICK-IT iPad arcade stick is constructed with a lightweight (only 8 ounces), solid aluminum design to create an enhanced response time and faster playability with accelerated movement. When gaming fun is finished, simply remove it by gently pulling it upwards.

This gaming stick reminds many of the good ‘ole days, when we could actually hold a joystick to master a game.  The ability to manipulate the JOYSTICK-IT makes it one of the coolest gadgets for the true Gamer.

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