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New Apple iPad 3  (16GB)

The next generation iPad has been released in the United States and it is one of the latest technology inventions from Apple. . There are three storage capacities available on the New iPad including 16GB, 32GB & 64GB.  You can also select three different connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + At&T 3G and Wi-iFi + Verizon 3G.  Of course, the package you select will effect the price you pay.

Looking for all the options, features and prices for the New iPad, CLICK HERE to Design the package that is right for you!

There are a few similarities and, of course, some differences between the iPads.  The first Model was only available in black, where as the Apple iPad 2  also became available in white. The choice of color will not effect the new iPad price

The life of the battery will remain the same.  Users will continue to have  approximately 10 hours of usage time and about one month standby time.

With the New iPad, you will still have the capability to check emails, surf the Web and view videos online, but the iPad 3 is faster and produces higher quality videos and music.

It also sports a slimmer design.  The original iPad was sleek at just over a half inch, however, the new iPad is even thinner at about 1/3 inch.  Now that’s Slim.

The Apple iPad weighed 1.5 pounds; this version is slightly lighter weighing in at 1.3 pounds.

One of the latest technology inventions added to the 2nd iPad is the presence of not one, but two built-in cameras.  This makes the iPad 2nd generation perfect for video recording and chatting and taking photos. The newest generation offers the same with upgrades.

I think the most sought after upgrade is that tis generation iPad will work on AT&T, as well as, Verizon Wireless.  Both providers have devoted audiences, therefore, offering both will only increase the popularity of the new iPad.

When one of the latest technology inventions offers a new generation, a new update or a new upgrade, most people want to know about it.

However, in the case of the New iPad, there is one similarity that will be GREAT news to everyone looking to purchase the newer model.

The new iPad 3 price, according to the lasted information, is very affordable for consumers.  Talk about Good iPad News!

The other feature that will  stay constant and will continue to create loyal iPad followers, will be all the excellent applications available.  You will get the same apps for generation 3, and then some.

Although other imitators have been released in the past year, none have had the popularity nor the sales of the Apple iPad.  Speculation is that the New iPad will enjoy the same success.

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Apple iPad Tablet

Looking to buy an Apple iPad? Well, here is the new iPad!

You can get information including Apple tablet reviews and the cost of iPad HERE.

The Apple iPad tablet 16gb is one choice, but you may also select from the 32GB or 64GB as well.  You can decide which will meet your needs by checking out the facts and information presented about all the Apple iPads..

Apple iPad MC705LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 3rd Generation

iPad Specs for the 16GB Model:

  • Product Line: iPad 3rd Generation,9.7 Retina Display; 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • Apple iOS 5; Dual-Core A5X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics
  • 5 Megapixel iSight Camera; 1080p Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 16 GB Capacity
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life; 1.44 lbs
  • Bluetooth  4.0 + EDR,Ports : 1x Docking (30-Pin Docking Port)

Of course, the Apple iPad Tablet 32GB and 64GB offer slightly different iPad Specs.

iPad Specs 32GB Model:

  • 9.7 Retina Display; 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • Apple iOS 5; Dual-Core A6X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics
  • 5 Megapixel iSight Camera; 1080p Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 32 GB Capacity
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life; 1.44 lbs

“Last, but NOT least” Specs for the Apple iPad 64GB Model:

  • 9.7 Retina Display; 2048 x 1536 Resolution
  • Apple iOS 5; Dual-Core A5X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics
  • 5 Megapixel iSight Camera; 1080p Video Recording
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n); 64 GB Capacity
  • Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life; 1.44 lbs

The Apple iPad Tablet goes by a few different names.

It has been called the Apple iPad, Apple iTablet, Apple Tablet PC and the Apple Tablet laptop.

It really doesn’t matter what we call it. What does matter is emerging technologies from Apple’s R & D department has created and released its newest creation. Anticipation for the release was GREAT, as evidenced by the over 300,000 units sold upon its introduction and the over 500,000 sold in its first week.

Apple quickly announced that consumer demand had succeeded their expectations due to the Tablet’s ability for users to view movies, surf the Internet, read e-books and play games. This great success prompted Apple to delay the International launch of the Apple Tablet by a month.

Let’s face it, Apple has always been on the cutting edge of the latest technology inventions and the release of the Apple iPad Tablet reinforces their place in history, and with the speculation that the Apple Tablet Computer will sell four to five million units in its first year, will undoubtedly ensure it.

The new Apple iPad is wireless, lightweight and slim (1/2? thick) enough to carry with you for convenient use anywhere and anytime. It features a 9.7? touchscreen that operates similarly to the Apple iPhone and provides the ability to surf the web, run movies, books, games and many other media applications.

Also the iPad can run almost all of the 150,000 applications available on the iPhone and the iPod touch. All apps and the on-screen keyboard were specifically designed for a large touch screen.

Apple features three iPad models in a variety of memory capacities including 16, 32 and 64GB. The model you select will depend on the memory you need. Just think, you can page through websites, check your email and watch movies with the touch of a finger.

The biggest surprise is the price. Just look at the beauty of the Apple iPad Tablet and compare the feature richness you get for your money.

An iPad Review

4.0 out of 5 stars Everyone wants things to be simpler, and along comes this simple thing., May 11, 2010
By: Just Trying to Help “Product Guru” (USA)
The main difference between this item, and the wi-fi only version, is of course the sim card with 3G. So, before I talk about the iPad in general, I’d like to explain my take on the 3G.

3G Performance:

The BOTTOM LINE: Works good as long as you aren’t using it in a moving car. I ran an internet speed test on it and in the metro area it was 1.2Mbps down and 210kbps up, which is decent.

The DETAILS: If you are doing basic computing, you will be able to be anywhere within a 3G service area to enjoy the internet. (If 3g service sucks in your area, don’t buy an iPad 3g) Here is the only problem: when you pass from tower to tower the signal can hang as the data has to be rerouted to the new tower.

Lets put this another way. If you are using the iPad netflix app to stream “Kim Possible season 3″ videos to your iPad while driving at 60 MPH it will “hang” during the 22 minute show. In summary: The AT&T 3G works the same as my 3G expresscard from Verizon.

2G Performance: Yes, you can use your iPad on AT&T’s 2G EDGE network as needed. The data is slow. You won’t enjoy it.

3G setup:
3G setup is simple:
- press settings button, choose cellular data, press set up cellular service.
- put in your *iTunes* password. (AT&T is “invisible” except for a logo.)
- put your credit card into the iPad
- voila! you have service for 30 days
Its very slick and takes less than a minute. Its how it should be.

Avoiding the 3G data charges: If you are an iPhone user, and you have an iPad, you can avoid paying for 2 data plans by swapping sim cards. Of course, you might miss a few calls while your sim is in the iPad because the iPad doesn’t support phone calls. If you have an older iphone:

Older iPhones use large SIM cards and the ipad uses small microSIM cards. You would have to cut your large sim card down to the microsim size, and put it in your iPad (you will need a needle to pop it out).

You would need to buy a little adapter (sold on the internet) to make your small sim fit back into your iPhone (so, buy the adapter first!) But this isn’t a great long term solution, because, if you want to use the iPad as a GPS in the car you will not be able to use your phone quickly or easily until you switch them back out again. Here it is on Amazon: Microsim Adapter for Ipad Iphone4g Convert Micro Sim to Regular Sim Adapter

Despite my little princess being vexed at Kim Possible hanging, the answer is yes. Certainly, its wonderful to have the 3G access. Everything about the iPad works better because its a bigger screen, and being able to access the internet (almost) anywhere is very, very useful for me.

Now, the question begs to be asked: why the ipad at all?

I have to say I originally joined the legion of pundits who said “hey, its just a big ipod touch” and “it won’t replace my laptop”. Certainly, this has to be the two most common things you hear people say about the ipad, right? And yes, that can be the truth you choose.

iPad vs. Laptop: If your idea is to buy an iPad to replace your laptop, and get an external keyboard, and a docking station, and bla bla bla… then you will be disappointed. This is a different kind of device, and you can’t put a square peg in a round hole.

The iPad is for even more mobile computing than a laptop can provide. ***A laptop needs a desk. But the iPad doesn’t.*** Thats the point, and if its not compelling for you, then consider carefully before buying an iPad.

iPad vs. iPod Touch: To say its just a big iPod touch is not really fair. The processor is much more powerful, allowing you to do a LOT MORE. You also get a big screen. And the 3g with this version. So to refuse to upgrade from the ipod Touch is similar to refusing to upgrade from a Kia Rio on the grounds that all other cars do the same thing.

But the biggest reason the iPad+3G will work for you, is that after a few weeks with it, you will want learn how to make it work for you. You will *enjoy* using it and it will be easier to use. You will say “how can I change what I do so I can do it on the iPad” not “how can the iPad do exactly what I did before”.

For an example: here is a day with the iPad.

I get up in the morning, and if I’m not being lazy, I get on the treadmill. I prop the ipad up on the treadmill while I walk. I watch some news video on the iPad, read some email, play a game, catch up on facebook.

I’m usually not done with this after my walk, so I head downstairs. Its like carrying a magazine, its so easy. I bump into my daughter in the hall and show her a picture from her Grandmother, with the iPad securely held in only one hand.

While I’m eating breakfast, and shaving, and brushing my teeth, I’m catching up on a book I was reading on my wife’s Kindle: using the kindle ipad app. Then I can use the iPad when I leave the house, in a myriad of ways that I would not use my iPod Touch or Laptop. And the iPad fits in the pocket in my car door. Its really never in the way!

So far I have used the iPad to:

1) Watch streaming netflix movies.

2) Read books on iBooks and Kindle for iPad, both to myself and to my children.

3) Browse the internet without constantly having to use finger motions similar to “pinch” and “peace” (goodbye iPhone!).

4) My kids use it as an interactive coloring book at restaraunts.

5) I can control my laptop when I am away from home if something crucial comes up, as if I’m sitting at my laptop.

6) Move pictures from my digital camera to the iPad very quickly and easily (using the camera adapter, sold separately). Either for storage or for emailing.

7) Listen to Pandora internet radio anywhere in the house. (ok, I can’t really listen to “Crystal Method thump thump boom boom music” but most other music sounds good)

8) I have used the internet to teach my children things when we are away from the house (Daddy, where does the word “helicopter” come from?)

9) Watched owned or rented iTunes movies on my 42 inch LCD TV (using an adapter sold separately).

The point of the above is that the iPad gives me more FREEDOM when computing, due to its small footprint and light weight.

What you can’t do on an iPad:

1) Multitask. You don’t really need all those windows open, but, we’re all used to that.

2) Print.

3) Use the iPad to connect to a TV and give a presentation. When you use the HDTV adapter, the iPad screen blacks out so you can only use this for movies.
4) See macromedia Flash based content online. (a lot of websites use this, like Hulu)

Steve Jobs says 1 and 2 are coming, in fact, multitasking is on the new iPhone4 so it won’t be long.
#4 will probably never come. If you need to use Flash websites, then, stick with our laptop. End of story.

Oh and the battery…. The battery is consistently lasting all day, 12 hours, without a recharge. But, its important to note that MANY USB ports will not charge an iPad. None of mine will. Also, my cheap iPhone car charger will not charge my iPad.

There has been discussion about this lately, apparently the charger or USB port has to actually provide the correct rated power. Most don’t provide enough power. But the battery lasts all day for me so this is not a negative.

If the reasons above don’t help you make up your mind, consider Steve Wozniak’s recent comments about the iPad: “Everyone wants things to be simpler, and along comes this simple thing.” No viruses. No compatibity issues.

No wondering why your iPad is so slow (Apple vets all software to make sure this doesn’t happen). No questionable upgrades. No cryptic errors. All these things were things that took the joy out of computing for a lot of people.

The iPad is such a simple thing. And thats why the average person will love it and prefer to use it instead of a computer.

I’ll upgrade this to 5 stars if/when:
1) More powerful iPad apps come out
2) Multitasking 2 things at once is possible (at least web browser and word processing, or pandora internet radio app + any other app would be nice)
3) Some kind of printing would be cool, although, I’m ok with paperless, really…

There you have it.

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Roku HD

In the fast paced world of advanced technology available to stream movies into your home a Roku HD Streaming player is an excellent choice. It has a great price tag and great reviews.

The Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p has been reviewed by 488 Amazon customers with an average rating of 4.1 Stars out of a possible 5 Stars.

The Roku XD Streaming Player 1080p has been reviewed by 489 Amazon customers also with an average rating of 4.1 Stars out of a possible 5 Stars.

BOTH Roku players will stream movies into your home easily.  With its installation you will notice your kids stay home more often and for longer periods of time just to watch one of it crystal clear movie presentations.  Soon you will also see more of your children’s friends visiting as they too see how great it is to watch a movie on a Roku.

You may soon want to purchase a Roku Streaming Player for your bedroom or office so you won’t have to compete with the kids for movie viewing time.  Your husband will truly appreciate how easy it is to install a Roku.

Setting up either Roku is as easy as 1-2-3
  1. Plug it in. Roku is compatible with almost every TV
  2. Add it to your home network. Whether your home is wireless or wired, there is a  helpful on-screen instruction manual that guides you step by step.
  3. Enjoy! Select your choice of entertainment and control it with the remote.

1. Works with any TV—up to 1080p*. The XDS delivers the best streaming video experience.
2. It is truly easy to set-up. It will be running in 5 minutes. Roku works with almost every TV.
3. No PC required. Roku connects to a high speed Internet connection wirelessly. With the XDS, you get extended-range, dual-band Wireless-N performance.
4. No additional monthly bills. you get the ability to continue using Netflix or Hulu Plus,  or you can enjoy free on-demand content such as Pandora, Flickr or Amazon’s Video On Demand.
5. Roku is routinely adding features and upgrades and constantly expands its library of  entertainment so you never get bored with its available selections.

Roku Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Every once in a while, a truly impressive device comes along., October 16, 2010
By:  Dr. Jim Bordwine

This Roku review is for a  Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p

Like a lot of people who use Amazon, I own all kinds of electronic gear. Every once in a while, you get your hands on a device that really stands out in terms of ease of use and performance.

When I read a description of the Roku hd player, I had a similar expectation. Could it be as easy to use as advertised? Would it perform on a level that would really satisfy me?

Now I can say in all honesty that the Roku player is everything I hoped and more. When the description says you will be up and running in just a few minutes, you can believe it. I opened the box, plugged in the power cord, attached a cable to my high speed router, and ran audio to my amp.

I turned everything on and immediately saw the set-up screen for the Roku player. To run a quick test, I tried streaming a video from Netflix–it worked perfectly. This initial set-up took minutes.

After several days of using the Roku, I have yet to have even the slightest problem. I have added a couple dozen channels and all work as expected.

The Roku player truly is an impressive device. By the way, for those traveling outside the USA, where Netflix does not allow the streaming of movies on your PC, there is a way to connect the Roku player to your Slingbox. You then have access to Netflix through the Roku wherever you have an internet connection.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, October 6, 2010
By: sheine (Arizona)
This Roku review is for the: Roku XD Streaming Player 1080p

One can make a good case that with Roku you really don’t need cable or satellite TV. With a $10 monthly subscription to Netflix you can get more movies than you have time to view.

You can listen to almost any radio station in the country free, meeting your needs if you like any particular kind of music or listen to talk radio, sports, etc.

You can watch Youtube clips on your big TV as well and can send the sound to your stereo system or home theater.

There are lots of other specialized sites, both free and by subscription, that are available.

Roku is a true winner.

Roku incorporates the latest technology inventions into all of its products including its Roku streaming players.  If you are looking for a Roku hd, this is the place to get the facts, reviews, information and price.

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Nexus S

Nexus S – the NEW Google Phone.

The Nexus S is the newest mobile communication device featuring the Android system created by Google.

Nexus S – Unlocked Phone

Being a Geek who appreciates the new smartphones and who is always looking for the coolest gadgets, I have checked this out and have come to realize the “S” stands for Superior.

This Nexus phone has been released with Android 2.3  “Gingerbread” and we’re not talking cookies!  “Gingerbread” is the fastest version of Android to date and makes copying and pasting text simple with one touch word selection.

It is easier to read and contains an improved on-screen keyboard with multi-touch support for a faster and more accurate typing experience. The Nexus S is equipped with a brilliant 4” Contour Display which was created by Samsung. The brighter screen provides vivid colors, incredibly clear text (at any size) and provides a luminance higher than conventional LCD display has made it one of the best smartphones on the market.

google phone

One of the latest technology inventions, is its curved, sleek design that fits perfectly to the contour of the hand or along the side of your face.  Since it weighs only 5 oz,  it is light and extremely comfortable to use or hold.

The latest Google smartphone features 16 GB iNAND Memory card, Bluetooth technology and WiFi.  Add to that, a lithium ion battery which provides up to 6.7 hours of communication and you have one of the best gadgets that will NOT be obsolete tomorrow due to the ever changing mobile phone market.

Being equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capable of taking perfect pictures and HD videos, as well as, a front-facing camera which produces VGA quality images and video, you get one of the coolest gadgets a geek like me is looking to purchase.

The Nexus S has access to the Android Market providing it with over 100,000 apps, games, and widgets.  It also features many of the latest Google mobile apps including Google Search, Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Mobile Instant, Voice Actions, Gmail, Google Earth and the ability to receive upgrades. new apps and all the latest technology as they become available.

It was developed by Google, manufactured by Samsung and was released and sold unlocked in the United States beginning December 16, 2010.  All this feature richness makes Nexus S one of the fastest phones yet. Will it be the best Smartphone 2011?

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NOOK Color

The NOOK Color is one of the latest technology inventions from Barnes & Noble.

Nook Color

4.4 Stars out of a possible 5 Star rating system

(based on 28 Amazon customer reviews)

Recently released, this new B&N Nook is quite unique with new technology featuring a magnificently vivid color touchscreen.

Unlike the Amazon Kindle which was manufactured for adults or the Vtech V.Reader created for children, this Nook ebook has been developed to capture the interest of both children and adult readers.

This new Nook has a 7″ screen that displays magazine, newspapers and over 2 million titles for your reading enjoyment in brilliant color.

With its built-in WiFi connection, you get the ability to browse the Web, send or read emails and visit your favorite blogs. Equipped with Google TM, the Nook Color permits quick and easy search of contacts, applications and MUCH more right at your fingertips.

Also featured are some new technologies including the LendMeTM app to permit the sharing of books with friends. You can also share reading information with friends via Facbook and Twitter directly from the page you are perusing. There is no need to close the page you are on to access either social network.

The NOOKcolor provides the capability to customize your home page, design your bookshelves and to select the font that will make your reading experience perfect. Check out the Nookbook Personal Shopping feature to get ideas for books you may select or to get recommendations from expert booksellers.

If your child is lucky enough to pry the Nookcolor away from you, they will see their story books come to life in stunning color. Kids will especially enjoy some of the exclusive Nookextras. This constantly expanding feature offers an array of fun games including crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and Chess.

With Pandora® internet radio, listening to music is just a few finger taps away. With all these features, you may need more than one Nookcolor for your family.

Want more proof that the Nook Color is the BEST Book Reader?  Then, check out this Nook Review.

5.0 out of 5 stars Tried them all and now I found it!, November 21, 2010
by:  Raxxillion

This review is from: NOOKcolor eBook Tablet

I’ve read e-books on just about every device out there, while looking for the perfect mix of features to support them. I’ve gone from an ancient Palm III to all the Kindles and other readers that are out there. First, I must say my favorite way to read a book is via the treeware version – you just can’t replace books. What you can do though is supplement them with a device that adds something to the experience that makes a device worth buying. For me, my new perfect device is the NookColor.

I will cut to the chase and answer the question people are most curious about. How does it stack up verus e-ink? Well, as a user of many e-ink devices, I know all about how such devices as Kindle eliminate eye-strain. This was my first worry with the NookColor. As it turns out, their is a color/font adjuster that you can change how the books looks until you find something that is pleasing and non-straining to your particular eyes. While I won’t be able to read for five hours straight like on a Kindle, I think four hours straight is a fair trade!

One thing I needed with my reader was the ability to access the Internet at times. This is an area where the NookColor beats out all the e-ink readers with smooth and responsive access to the Net. I found the touch keyboard easy to use, and the rotating display helpful.

The apps are limited to ones that actually work, so there isn’t a broad selection like on other devices. It’s just quality ones. I suppose with their NookDeveloper program, their should be more apps available soon. Granted they will be a lot of junk apps, as on other devices, but at least there will be variety.

The online “nookstore” is a little more inviting than Amazon’s in that it feels like you are a browsing through a variety of options, and not just a list.

I liked the in-store features too. It was nice to check out any book for free while there. Plus, you can download additional free books, only while in a Barnes & Noble.

I like how you can highlight and put notes on your text very easily. While there are several colors available to highlight, I just found out you can highlight a highlight. The mark gets darker and darker as with a real pen, so you can extra emphasize a passage if needed. And if you can’t wait to share a passage, you can zap it straight to your facebook and twitter to share with your friends, while you keeping on reading. It’s cooler than it sounds!

I will probably update this review in a few days, as I discover more features. So, far this seems to be the best collection of features I have found on an ereader, for me personally. I understand the things people like in their prefered reader, but for me, this is the best!

5.0 out of 5 stars Superior ebook reader/tab hybrid, November 21, 2010
By: taz
This review is from: NOOKcolor eBook Tablet

I’m somewhat of a techno geek. I like new gadgets and i tend to ask myself how will this be developed over time. In the case of the nook color they got it right. The size is very good for those used to reading paper backs on the go or in bed just before sleeping. The LCD eye burn has yet to effect me even though I’ve already put in 6 straight hour of reading ( note: i do keep the back-light level very low ). It is fairly responsive to user inputs. Once you learn how to navigate around it seems intuitive. The magazine format is a welcomed feature. The reduced battery life over my nook classic will not be an issue. It has lasted 2 days so far with wifi off with the same use pattern I’ve had since i got the nook classic (it will need a charge soon though). Youtube videos work without problems but, hulu is non functional at this point although I’m sure future updates will fix that problem. The form factor of the nook color is the 2ND best of any e-reader i have held ( the nook classic feels better in my hand). Even though B&N had to make concessions to keep profitability up and the price point down look at what you get.

* EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM)
* Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
* Audio: MP3, AAC
* Video: MP4
* 8GB built in mem (6000 books)
* MicroSD slot add a 32GB microSD card and drastically increase storage capacity
* 169 pixels per inch (= better picture quality than the other guy)
* Social networking
* Kids books with color and audio
* Pandora internet radio
* Quickoffice software
* The lendme feature
* All the above and more for less than $300

It is a superior offering to those that love to read and want the little extras at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this product. It will only get better with time.

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I’ve been waiting for!!, December 7, 2010
By: J. Peplinski (Michigan)
This review is from: NOOKcolor eBook Tablet

Last year my husband asked me if I wanted a Kindle, because I love to read all the time and I try to be eco-friendly when possible. I was intrigued, but my biggest weakness is magazines and I didn’t like the availability or look of them on the Kindle. When the iPad came out, I was blown away by the beauty of it, but felt like for a few dollars more I could just get a whole new laptop and it would be almost the same size. For travel, the iPad seemed to big and fragile for me; I need to be able to jam all my toys into my backpack and not worry about them.

When I stumbled onto the Nook Color, I absolutely flipped my wig and couldn’t wait to get one! Full color magazines, that look just like they do on the newsstand! This could single-handedly save the rain forests – I seriously buy a LOT of magazines. I also save them forever because you never know when you might want that one article or photo again, which drives my husband crazy. So perhaps the Nook Color can save my marriage as well! That’s a lot of expectation to put on this adorable little device, but I think it’s up to the challenge.

Santa decided to come early to our house, so I just started playing with the NC a few days ago, and it is my first e-reader. It was almost fully charged right out of the box, so I was able to start playing with it in less than an hour (it says you can use it while it is plugged in, but they keypad is VERY oversensitive when plugged in so I don’t recommend it). It easily connected to my home wifi and linked to the Barnes & Noble account I had set up earlier that day. If you don’t have home wifi, you might have to visit a public wifi location in order to activate it. I recommend setting up a B&N account beforehand if you intend to purchase anything from there, as it makes the first-time Nook use very smooth and enjoyable.

BOOKS: There are many many books available from a variety of online sources, check the product details for formats (please note it does NOT support Kindle format). I understand it’s also easy to download books from your local public library, though I haven’t tried that yet. The B&N Shop function within the Nook itself is the easiest interface but certainly not the only option. While reading, it’s very easy to adjust the font, screen brightness, and more to make it as comfortable as possible on the eyes. At night I turn the brightness all the way down and find it very comfortable for my eyes while reading in bed. I’ve read for hours on end without any sort of headache. I haven’t used the highlight, look-up, or share functions very much yet, but they’re super easy to incorporate if you enjoy that sort of thing. Page turning is an intuitive flip of the finger, or you can tap the side of the screen to move forward or back.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS: The color on these looks amazing, and the “read to me” feature is wonderful for little ones learning to read on their own. I imagine this would be great fun for a kid stuck in the back seat of a car for a long trip too! There aren’t a ton of Read to Me books available yet but they are adding more every week. I don’t even have kids but these are pretty awesome.

MAGAZINES: Obviously this was a major feature for me! The appearance of the magazines is absolutely gorgeous, the text and photos are clear and sharp. You can use the “finger pinch” method on the touchscreen to zoom in and out, or you can use the “Article View” feature to pull out just the text of each page at a pleasant reading size. The magazine includes every single page that you’d find on the newsstand, including advertisements, which to me is a benefit because I sometimes enjoy the photography and trends those provide. Magazines can be read in portrait or landscape format, and you can flip through thumbnails at the bottom of the page to reach a particular article. Most of the currently available magazines offer a single-issue purchase or a 14-day free trial, then bill you monthly for as long as you want to receive issues. Subscriptions are very easy to manage so canceling is not complicated. So far there are about 80 magazines available, and the number seems to be increasing regularly.

NEWSPAPERS and PDF’s: I haven’t tried these yet, though some have reported formatting that make certain ones difficult to read. The ones purchased directly through the Nook store are more likely to be formatted appropriately for the device and easier to read. Better PDF support is likely to come in a future firmware update, though a lot of it depends on how the original publisher sets up the file.

INTERNET: You do need a wifi connection to go online; 3G is unlikely to be available for the Nook Color unless you also purchase an accompanying data plan. So far most web pages look crisp and beautiful, but are not as fully functional as on a laptop or computer. Flash functionality is not available yet (but is planned) and a lot of people are experiencing difficulty with email and other text box typing. I believe this will be fixed very soon, but for now the web is more of a “read-only” experience.

MUSIC: You can load your own music or use the included Pandora app to link to your Pandora account. The speaker isn’t great so headphones would come in handy. I’m extremely in love with my new iPod Nano so I will probably strap that on while reading rather than use this feature.

VIDEO: Our first try produced some choppy playback, but I think the processor was very busy setting up the hardware because we had just gotten it out of the box. After that, it played everything perfectly with jaw-dropping video quality! It will play videos in MP4 format, so get yourself a converter and a microSD card and load it up for your next trip! Apparently videos can also be side-loaded through the mini-USB cord. I’ve only tried it on the card; it reads directly from the card with no problems.

OTHER: You can add your own photos to use as background, or just to show friends. It comes pre-loaded with a few games (sudoku, crossword, and chess) which work well and are fun. “Lend Me” is an exclusive feature that allows you to swap books with other Nook users, and you can find groups of folks online who will swap with you if none of your friends have a Nook. It uses the android operating system, and an app store is scheduled to open sometime in early 2011 so there will be much much more available in the coming months.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t need my phone to be a camera, my iPod to be a dvd player, or my e-reader to be a laptop. The Nook Color does a WONDERFUL job as an e-reader of not only books, but also magazines and newspapers, and it has some other fun bells and whistles. It does what it’s supposed to do very well and the additional features make it a great value for the price. I would give it a million stars if I could!

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Radio Communication

Radio Communication is Routine Gear for Anyone who spends time Outdoors.

Whether you hunt, fish, camp, ski or hike, mobile communication is not a convenience, but a necessity.   New technology offers us a variety of ways to stay in touch with fellow explorers.

Midland two way radios

The Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)
Received an average customer review of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 53 Customer Reviews.

Although the novice adventurer may consider the cell phone the best option, it is not always the most effective communication.

There are many regions that are not conducive to cell phone signals or reception which will prevent communication.  This is NOT what you want to experience especially in an emergency situation.

Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS 2-Way Radio (Pair)
Received an average customer review of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 62 Customer Reviews.

Motorola two way radio

Do not let that discourage you from exploring outdoors. The best alternative is radio communication in the form of  2 way radios, cb radios and marine radios.

This equipment is routinely updated with the latest technology featuring the clearest audio and telecommunication when miles apart.  These new technologies have made radio communication the preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Seasoned explorers know the value and benefits of having, at least, one of these radio devices with them. Often, the outdoor traveler is equipped with two:  a base unit or base cb and a set of 2 way radios so those in camp can easily contact the pioneers that are away from base.

Two way radios are now lightweight,  portable and simple to operate. Today’s emerging technologies has made it possible for most walkie talkies to be both FRS/GMRS radios.

GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service which is a personal radio service, is regulated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and transmits on 16 UHF frequencies.

FRS stands for Family Radio Service and is a walkie talkie radio system authorized for use in the United States in 1996. These walkie talkies transmit on the FM band and are usually more reliable for short range radio communication.

Many new tech 2 way radios are conveniently equipped with both frs and gmrs systems making them a low-cost alternative to business band radio system equipment.

I selected the BEST rated and BEST reviewed 2 way radios based on three factors.

First, they must have received at least 20 customer reviews which represent a good sampling of opinions.

Second they had to be in the top ten of Amazon’ BEST sellers in the 2 way radios for sale category.

Third, they received an average customer review of 4.0 stars (or higher) out of a possible 5.0 star rating system.

Next lets consider the cb.  CB is an abbreviation for Citizen Band radio which is a system for short-distance radio communication.  Individuals may broadcast on 40 channels within the band.

The CB broadcast service is very different from gmrs, frs or amateur (“ham”) radio hobbyists. A cb does not require licensing with the FCC and it may be used for business or personal use.

For the BEST reviewed and BEST rated Citizen Band radio available, my choices had to meet the same criteria as those for the top two way radios.  The cb selections  are:

Uniden PRO538W 40-Channel CB Radio by Uniden
Received an average customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 25 Customer Reviews.


Midland 1001Z 40-Channel CB Radio by Midland
Received an average customer review of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 77 Customer Reviews

cb radio

If you are going to be on water for fishing or boating recreation, a marine radio is the best option as most are water proof. They are built with rugged components and are a reliable instrument that can withstand not only the elements of the sun and wind, but also water.

The marine radio is an especially important piece of equipment given the unpredictable nature of weather.  The last thing you want is to be on the water when a thunderstorm develops.

Also called Weather Alert radio, it will give you accurate and up to date reports on hazardous climate conditions.

American Red Cross FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger by Eton
Received an average customer review of 4.2 out of 5 stars  based on 88 customer Reviews

weather alert radio

Uniden Bearcat BCT8 BearTracker Warning System with 800 MHz TrunkTracker III by Uniden

Received an average customer review of 4.4 out of 5 stars  based on 40 Customer Reviews

marine radio

Radio communication is vital when venturing outdoors  especially with the unpredictability of nature.

Given the new technologies available and the simplistic operation of today’s mobile communication equipment, there is no reason not to have radio communication at your fingertips.

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Coolest Gadgets

I am always LOOKING for the Coolest Gadgets!

One of today’s coolest gadgets is the Golf  Buddy.  What makes me think its one of the Coolest Gadgets?  It has some of the BEST GPS reviews.

It has received 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars.  This is based on comments posted by more than 185 Amazon Customers which is an excellent sampling.

To start, a golf gps is one of the latest technology inventions for the Golfer who wants all the advantages available to make him a winner. The Golf Buddy is a real GPS unit and one of its best features is its automatic recognition of a course or hole providing accurate distance information to the green.

Better still, new technologies brings the Golf Buddy to you loaded with all the accessible courses in North America free of charge. This feature alone makes it one of the coolest gadgets for a Golfer.

If you golf overseas, you can add course information from around the world to your “Buddy” as it has the ability to store information for up to 20,000 golf courses making it one of the best gadgets for a pro or novice Golfer.

One of the preferred components and highest rated feature of the Golf Buddy is its large screen which makes it really easy to read. You will effortlessly discover the exact distances to hazards, greens, lay up locations and so MUCH more with its 1/2″ to 1″ size numbers that display information on the screen.

You will find any structure or obstacle on the course which will assist you with the winning score at the end of the day.

Another reason this is one of the coolest gadgets in the world of Golf, is its ease of use.  This makes the Golf Buddy a great invention for a novice. With its 12 hour lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with AAA battery backup, there is no need to recharge in the middle of a game.

It also features a score tracking module, a target icon screen and has been developed with a durable, waterproof design and multi-lingual display making it one of the latest technology inventions in the sport of golf.

The Golf Buddy’s latest technology provides the user with a superb view that adjusts the shape of the green, depending on the Golfer’s position and angle to offer the best shot.

Amazon is often the first place I check for reviews especially when I am investigating new gadgets.  It is often very helpful to hear what others have to say about a product so I do not regret a purchase later.

Amazon sells just about everything and its customers are faithful and honest reviewers.  The reviews of the Golf Buddy are in and its owners give it “thumbs up” approval.

Whether it is the coolest gadgets, the latest electronics, newest computers or anything else, you can bet you will find valuable reviews from Amazon’s customers.

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME product and convenience June 25, 2012

I’ve been in the market for a golf GPS or rangefinder and have been undecided for a long time. The laser rangefinders are definitely appealing, but the form factor and having to dig a large item out of your bag when you need to get the pin distance was a major drawback.

I also looked at a bunch of the new GPS systems, but many of them almost had too many functions and features – enough that I knew I would be distracted during my golf round. Really, all I want is a good, reliable, accurate distance to the pin. This product is it.


Looking for a truly physical joystick to provide the ultimate gaming experience on your tablet computer?  Then, the JOYSTICK-IT is for you!

All you do is press it onto your Apple tablet screen and it is ready to go.  When necessary, you can easily move it to another location with no damage to your tablet’s glass display and, once again, you are ready for gaming action.

With the latest technology inventions of “wireless”,  the JOYSTICK-IT requires no wires or batteries and it works with more games than you can imagine. Literally thousands of touchscreen based games are now available with more exciting precision. If you have an on screen control pad game of any kind, you will find this perfect for your gaming entertainment as it is one of the coolest gadget released by Apple.

The JOYSTICK-IT iPad arcade stick is constructed with a lightweight (only 8 ounces), solid aluminum design to create an enhanced response time and faster playability with accelerated movement. When gaming fun is finished, simply remove it by gently pulling it upwards.

This gaming stick reminds many of the good ‘ole days, when we could actually hold a joystick to master a game.  The ability to manipulate the JOYSTICK-IT makes it one of the coolest gadgets for the true Gamer.

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One of the latest technology inventions is the Powermat.  It is an electronic charging pad for cell phones and more developed by Powermat.

Its coolest feature is it is PORTABLE!  Yup-you can take it anywhere and it will  quickly and efficiently charge your personal electronic gadgets.  It folds up neatly into its own case for ease of travel. It features 3 wireless chargers and one wired USB connection for the ability to charge a total of  four electronic devices at one time.

The Powermat controls feature some of the latest technology including the ability to save energy.  How is that you ask? It is actually capable of calculating when a device has completed a charging cycle.  Once the device is fully charged, power shuts off to only that device.  That is very Cool!

If portability is not what you need, there is another type of powermat called the charging pad.  Life got a little easier with the ability to recharge all small electronic devices on one power mat at one time. Out of all the Charging Pads I investigated, the iHome IB967B Charging Station for E-readers, Blackberries, Ipods and Iphones received good reviews and the Gadget Smarts Classic Electronics Charging Station had equally positive feedback.

Gadget Smarts Classic Electronics Charging Station

Product Description
The Gadget Smarts Classic charging station can accommodate four electronic items for charging and keeps all cords and wires neatly tucked away in the back compartment. Station has valet top with four charging stations and a roomy drawer for hiding keys and other personal items.

It is not portable like the Powermat, but all its power cords are stored out of sight in back. Great for cell phones, iPods, and all other small electronics that require charging. This charging pad Station has black faux leather finish and measures 11.5″W x `0.5″D x 5″H. 4 outlet power strip included.

iHome IB967B Charging Station for E-readers, Blackberries, Ipods and Iphones

Product Description
Charging station for ereaders, blackberries, ipods and iphones

With all the latest technology inventions in our lives today, the concept of charging pads had to be developed. No more cords getting tangled with other cords or power lines.  Its daily gadget charging made simple.

Also known as powermats, charging mats or charging stations, they take up minimal space, making it perfect to place on counter tops, nightstands or any surface close to an electrical outlet.  A charging pad is easy to use and can go with you when you travel most anywhere.  Not only will they charge your portable electronics, they allow for storage in one place for quick and easy accessibility.

Whether you need a powermat or charging pad, these smart little device are just one of the latest technology inventions that make life more convenient.

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, November 11, 2010
By: Sean Stephens
This review is from: Gadget Smarts Classic Electronics Charging Station
This is a great cell phone charging station. My wife and I can both charge our iPhones and bluetooth with plenty of room left over for our keys. I was going to give this to my mom for Christmas but decided to keep it and order another one for her.

5.0 out of 5 stars Charging station, January 1, 2011
By: Skorr64
This review is from: Gadget Smarts Classic Electronics Charging Station
Great product! It has a nice area for placing other items in the front of the charging section, which some other styles don’t. So far we are very pleased.

5.0 out of 5 stars IHOME CHARGING STATION, January 14, 2011
By: E. Durr (texas)
This review is from: iHome IB967B Charging Station for E-readers, Blackberries, Ipods and Iphones
This is a GREAT little charging station for my E-readers, my Kindle and phone and even IPOD. Everything has a place..GREAT item!

5.0 out of 5 stars charger, November 7, 2010
By: scakes33 “subrina pechacek” (Channelview, Tx) – See all my reviews
This review is from: iHome IB967B Charging Station for E-readers, Blackberries, Ipods and Iphones
My husband will be so surprised when he opens his Christmas present. I have been looking for the charger for the ipods and the cell phones that we have. I was so thrilled to get it at the price that I got it at. Thank you Amazon.

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Latest Technology Inventions

Are you Looking for the Latest Technology Inventions?

If you are looking for the latest technology inventions, new technology, the  latest inventions, or the most recent upgrades and updates for the coolest gadgets you own, you have come to the right place!

Scientific research moves quickly in our fast-pasted world of new technologies.  Everyday you will find a Newer, Bigger, Better or more advanced design or application available for the latest technology inventions.  Here we offer pictures, reviews and prices for some of today’s Best and Most Recent of the latest invention information available to you!

A perfect example of this is the Kindle Wireless Reading Device.  It has been updated maybe as often as every couple of months.

With the release of the most affordable New Kindle sporting a price tag of ONLY $79.00, the Amazon Kindle Store is the place to shop for an ebook reader.


Most Affordable Kindle Wi-Fi – $79

This new Kindle is the best ebook reading device available today at the best price.

There is another Kindle with a 6″ display screen which offers a bit more for the “serious” ebook user.  It arrives to you with FREE 3G and it works Globally! PLUS it also comes with the awesome features of E Ink Pearl technology, improved fonts, new sleeker design and MORE!

Kindle Reading Device 6″ – $99


The Kindle Dx with its 9.7″ display has also received the latest technologies available to an ebook reader. It has ALL of the extensive features that are offered in the 6″ screen display model and  more!  The biggest additions are its large display screen and its 3G wireless coverage and global wireless coverage.


Kindle DX, Free 3G, 3G Works Globally

All of these feature upgrades continue to make the Amazon Kindle  one of the latest technology inventions.
Another popular gadget that has experienced rapid updates and improvements is the Apple iPad Tablet.  Its latest technologies are the introduction to iBooks, clearly in a bid to capture some of the ebook market. With its ability to now run almost 200,000 apps on it, it is still on the list of my latest technology inventions.  The Apple Tablet is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Models.

latest technology inventions

The Apple iPad 32 GB


Speaking of Apple, the Apple iPods have seen quite a few changes.  The latest released Apple nano has “shrunk” to make it even more convenient to take with you anywhere you go.  Despite its smaller size, it is still available in 8GB (holds up to 2000 songs) and 16GB (holds up to 4000 songs).  It is more portable than ever and extremely light weight making it easier than ever to go where you go.

The Apple touch is one of the latest technology inventions releasing an A4 chip that is the creative processor that delivers all the fun you can have on the iPod touch.  The Apple iPod touch is available in 8GB,16GB, 32GB and 64GB Models which brings a wide variety of choices to Apple consumers.

latest technology inventions

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

It would be difficult to not discuss mobile phones when discussing any of the latest technology inventions.   Leading the way in cell phone electronics, I found two that had great reviews and were on the top ten list of Amazon’s  Best Sellers.

The  Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T) has an Average Customer Review of 5 out of 5 stars.  This average was calculated from over 240 Amazon reviews. It features a whopping 4.3″ crystal clear display screen. One of its best assets is it only weighs 5.6 ounces and measures 5.0 x 2.7 x 0.45 inches.

It also features Windows Phone 7.5 operating system designed to help you do more in fewer steps, and keep you updated on the things that are most important to you. “See it, to Believe it”.

Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)

Another highly popular cell phone to check out is the HTC Titan Windows Phone (AT&T).    The Titan is a 4g smartphone with an extra-large 4.7-inch LCD touchscreen.

Another great element of the HTC Titan is it runs Windows phone 7.5 and it includes 8-MP camera with HD 720p video which is only “the tip of the iceberg”.

Audio Systems, regardless of their manufacturer, also get some of the latest technology upgrades routinely.  Take the Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV speaker system.  It offers the stellar Bose performance, yet its 3″ high speakers make it only heard, and rarely seen in a room.  Best of all, it is quite affordable for the audio quality Bose provides to its loyal customers.

latest technology inventions


Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV speaker system

I would also like to mention the Bose® Wave® Music System with Multi-CD Changer. Dedication to research and excellence has always been the Bose approach and this product is sheer excellent. There is not a control on it. Instead it features a credit card-sized remote that is simple to operate.  Bose truly provides some of the latest technology inventions routinely to their audio products line.

Michelle Likes Latest Technology Inventions

WATCH this Video NOW

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