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Searching for the latest technology inventions in the world of tablets? This Asus Eee review will prove the “Slider” is worthy of your consideration.

latest technology inventionsThe ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
with 10.1-Inch Tablet Computer

This highly reviewed and highly ranked Asus Eee Slider is also called the Asus ipad because it so closely compares to the ipads created by Apple.   But no matter what name it goes by or what you want to call it,  the fact is it costs much less than an ipad or other graphics tablets.

But, it gets BETTER because the Asus eee comes with GREAT specs even though the price can be as low as $400.

I am not the only one to give a GOOD Asus eee review. I’ve seen other reviews from Apple Ipad owners who actually say they think it is better than their ipad.

Still others have stated it was a very easy tablet to use and the media player was not only easy to use, but features great speakers.

Most impressive was the price of the Asus eee pc Slider.  Both the 16 gb and the 32 gb are very reasonable for the quality you get in the Asus graphics tablet.

Asus eee Review:  Very Good, but a few cons.

First, I can access my PC and control it from anywhere and use all of its features.  I can watch a HD movie and work on MS Word docs at the same time with great results.

The  Slider is light weight for its size and the screen is amazing, it’s the same screen used on the iPad 2 providing a crisp and clear image.

I am not badmouthing Apple since I own the iPhone 4,  but when it came to selecting a  tablet, I decided on the Asus eee because it offers me a tablet with netbook functions.

The docking station that I purchased for it cost less than $150, has 2 USB ports and 1 SD Card slot.  I can edit Office docs using Polaris Office, it’s a great app that comes pre-installed.  Playing mp3s or acc files is excellent too.  I play music with my PC.

Games are more fun than ever with the SNESoid app. The Wiimote/Classic Controller works with my  Bluetooth.  It has native email that is easy to use and simple to set up and has full flash compatibility.

This Eee pc easily uploads or transfer files and I am not forced to use iTunes for everything.

I can download any app I want from its app warehouse since it’s a free.  I will admit it doesn’t offer as many apps as Apple, but it offers MORE everyday.

One of my favorite features is I was able to downloaded the Kindle app and transfer all my e-books to it. I love to read on the train ride to work and the Kindle bookstore has MORE ebooks than any other provider.

I will definitely recommend the Asus Slider to people who want to use it as an extension or a replacement to their laptops.  I firmly believe Asus has created another in a line of latest technology inventions and I think this new eee pc is a hit

I did have some trouble finding a docking station, but Amazon came through. It was worth the search since it provides me 16 hrs of battery.

I MUST say I really like the the Android system on my iPhone and was happy to see it come out on an Asus graphics tablet and others.

I’d also like to mention how easy it is to multitask with my Asus Slider.  I was on my phone, yet still had my Slider playing music while checking my emails.    I went from one app to the other, checking my email, then browsing the internet, while I had a Skype session open.

The File Manager is an excellent feature too. I don’t need to connect the Transformer to my pc to transfer files.  Simply create a folder and transfer files with a SD card.  You can even transfer movies quickly.

Another thing I really like is that I couldn’t get from my ipad was a wide desktop with plenty of room for Widgets.  I know some people don’t like Widgets since it can slow things down, but I find it makes my life easier.

There are just a few things I don’t like about this graphics tablet.

The screen seems to need cleaning more frequently than my other computer screens, but everyone says there tablet pc does the same thing so I can live with that.   I clean it about every 2 – 3 days with distilled water and alcohol.  You can use plain water with alcohol too.

High-def videos play in Fullscreen with the YouTube App, but I will bet an upgrade will soon be available to fix that. I play HD videos from a microSD card and If I need to I can upload a HD video to my Asus Transformer’s hard drive.  By the way, there is plenty of RAM for HD video streaming too.

If you want to plug it in to save battery life, the plug is too short in my opinion and my phone has a better camera although that doesn’t really matter since I have a high end Nikon.

Bottom line: The Asus eee specs  are the BEST for the price.  Other tablets have similar specs, but often cost 50% more.

My Asus eee review is 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

All the tablets are and will be continuously updated.  The competition is fierce between Apple, Asus and others.  The upgrades and enhancements routinely have the android pads among the top ten latest technology inventions.

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