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New iPad

Looking for information about the New iPad? You’ve come to the right place!

New Apple iPad 3  (16GB)

The next generation iPad has been released in the United States and it is one of the latest technology inventions from Apple. . There are three storage capacities available on the New iPad including 16GB, 32GB & 64GB.  You can also select three different connectivity options: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + At&T 3G and Wi-iFi + Verizon 3G.  Of course, the package you select will effect the price you pay.

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There are a few similarities and, of course, some differences between the iPads.  The first Model was only available in black, where as the Apple iPad 2  also became available in white. The choice of color will not effect the new iPad price

The life of the battery will remain the same.  Users will continue to have  approximately 10 hours of usage time and about one month standby time.

With the New iPad, you will still have the capability to check emails, surf the Web and view videos online, but the iPad 3 is faster and produces higher quality videos and music.

It also sports a slimmer design.  The original iPad was sleek at just over a half inch, however, the new iPad is even thinner at about 1/3 inch.  Now that’s Slim.

The Apple iPad weighed 1.5 pounds; this version is slightly lighter weighing in at 1.3 pounds.

One of the latest technology inventions added to the 2nd iPad is the presence of not one, but two built-in cameras.  This makes the iPad 2nd generation perfect for video recording and chatting and taking photos. The newest generation offers the same with upgrades.

I think the most sought after upgrade is that tis generation iPad will work on AT&T, as well as, Verizon Wireless.  Both providers have devoted audiences, therefore, offering both will only increase the popularity of the new iPad.

When one of the latest technology inventions offers a new generation, a new update or a new upgrade, most people want to know about it.

However, in the case of the New iPad, there is one similarity that will be GREAT news to everyone looking to purchase the newer model.

The new iPad 3 price, according to the lasted information, is very affordable for consumers.  Talk about Good iPad News!

The other feature that will  stay constant and will continue to create loyal iPad followers, will be all the excellent applications available.  You will get the same apps for generation 3, and then some.

Although other imitators have been released in the past year, none have had the popularity nor the sales of the Apple iPad.  Speculation is that the New iPad will enjoy the same success.

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