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Amazon Kindle Store

The Amazon Kindle Store is the Place to find Amazon’s latest technology inventions the Kindle Wireless Reading Device.

With the release of a New Kindle sporting a price tag of ONLY $114.00, the Amazon Kindle Store is the place to shop for an ebook reader.

New Kindle

This new Kindle is the best ebook reader available today at the best price.

According to PC Magazine, “Amazon has managed to increase the contrast on the Kindle in a way that sets it above the Nook, Sony Readers, or any other dedicated ebook reader we’ve tested.”

The Amazon Kindle Store is the place to visit when you are searching for the Kindle DX. All the Kindle Models have been regularly updated and upgraded.  Amazon will notify every Kindle customer of the latest available updates the moment they can be downloaded.

Kindle DX, Free 3G, 3G Works Globally

The biggest advantage to visiting the Kindle Store, is you never have to leave home. You will find all the facts, all the information and all the prices for all the different Kindle models.

Kindle Wireless Device (FREE 3G + WiFi)

The benefits of owning a Kindle have been debated and after all the research, after all the comparisons and after checking out every Kindle review, it is clear. The Kindle Wireless Device is the best book reader on the market.

To see some GREAT reviews for all Kindle models and to find out how to buy a Kindle, just visit the Amazon Kindle Store.

To date, the Kindle Store has received over 19,000 reviews for the Kindle 6″ from Customers. It has received an average customer review ranking of 4.5 Stars out of a possible 5 Star rating.

The Amazon Kindle dx has been reviewed by almost 3,000 Amazon customers and it has received an average customer review of 4 Stars out of a possible 5 Star rating.

The reviews are AMAZING! If you read what people are saying about their experiences with their Kindle Wireless Reading Device, it is easy to see why it gets the best reviews of all the book readers. It does it ALL!

Each Amazon Kindle has similarities and differences. First the primary similarities.

Both Kindle 6″ models and the Kindle DX are ergonomically designed to perfection with only a 1/3″ slender slimness, 3G wireless capability and a glare-less screen.

You can download books from the Amazon Kindle Store, by visiting the massively stocked Kindle Library. All the Kindle models can download books in less than 60 seconds, 24 hours a day without PC requirement.

The Amazon Kindles 6″ display screen and the Kindle dx feature 4GB internal storage capacity, and since all Kindle models are completely wireless, they are simple to use. They require no cables and no set-up, no need to chase down Wi-Fi hotspots and no monthly fees.

All the Amazon Kindle models come with the Kindle Read-to-Me innovation that allows it to read many books, magazines and newspapers out loud to you. Their battery life is the same providing the ability to read with wireless on for up to four days on a single charge. With wireless off, all models offer up to 2 weeks of reading.

Plug any Kindle model into you typical household electrical socket for charging with its adapter or use the provided USB cable and charge it from your computer. Either way, it will fully charge in four hours.

All Kindle models now have the auto-rotating screen which is ideal for displaying maps or graphs. All you need do is turn the device from vertical to horizontal and your view changes to a full length landscape. This feature creates exceptional viewing of any table or chart you may want to work on or edit.

OK, now for the main differences between the Amazon Kindle 6″ models and the Amazon Kindle dx. The smaller Kindles weigh only 8.7 ounces; whereas the dx weighs a little over a pound. However, the added features in the Kindle dx naturally make it a bit heavier. But, lets face it, many single books weigh that much.

The size of the screens are also different. Both Kindle 6″ display screens have a total measurement of 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″.

The Kindle dx with its whopping 9.7″ display has a total screen size of 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″. This size differential certainly accounts for some of the additional weight of the Amazon Kindle dx, but for me, it is soooo worth it!

You also get wireless coverage in over 100 countries around the world with the DX which is ideal for the business person who travels abroad.

The Kindle Wireless Device has been updated and upgraded with the latest technology inventions routinely since its release. For the latest technologies available for all the different Kindle models, visit the Amazon Kindle Store.

Amazon Kindle Books can be found at the Amazon Kindle Store

Where can you find Amazon Kindle Books? The BEST place is the Amazon Kindle Store as it is filled with more than 750,000 books, newspapers and magazines. If that does not sound like a lot, think of it this way-over 3/4 of a million periodicals. Its astounding.

Where else could you go to find MORE in any one place? At the Kindle Store, you will find an amazing array of reading material.

We can start with the Kindle eBook Exclusives. As it denotes, these are books and stories available ONLY at the Amazon Kindle Store. One example is the Atlantic Fiction series of unpublished short stories at the unbelievable price of just $3.99 each. Each new story is written by either a well-known author or a novice and is available for purchase at the beginning of every month.

Another exclusive is the Daisy Meadows’s Rainbow Magic series for young readers. This series shares the adventures of two friends who become best friends with fairies. A young reader can find adventures that include sports, dance, music, animals and all things magical. You can be sure there is a fairy adventure for every young reader.

OK, onto some of the other Kindle Books you can find such as Amazon’s list of BEST selling Books. At anytime, you can locate the top 100 ebooks for your Kindle at a starting price as low as $0.99 each. However, the average price is $9.99 each.

Also in the Kindle Library, you will discover 109 of the 112 New York Times Bestsellers including fiction, non-fiction and Advice and How To Kindle books. These books are penned by the best authors including the very popular John Grisham (non-fiction), Bill O’Reilly (fiction), and Joyce Meyer (Advice & How To).

My favorite books from the Amazon Kindle Store are the Free Kindle Books. That’s right I said FREE! You can download thousands of popular classics, at NO charge, with wireless delivery in less than 60 seconds.

Included in this list are vintage books such as Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, The Odyssey, Little Women, Oliver Twist and Many MORE classics!

A few other ebooks you will uncover at the Kindle Bookstore include ebooks from the Oprah Book Club, Foreign Language ebooks and a list of the latest, hot new releases located in the New Kindle eBooks category.

Be sure to visit the the Amazon Kindle Store for anything and everything Kindle.

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