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Looking for the most recent technology news?  Well, you better be FAST.  The latest technology inventions come and go theses days at the speed of light.

It seems like only yesterday the first generation ipad was released.  Since then we have had a variety of updates and upgrades to Apple’s tablet. Then came the release of the iPad 2 and iPad 3 which is actually called the New iPad.  Out of the most recently released model, the new iPad 16gb wifi gets the best reviews I’ve seen.

Now there are rumors that Apple maybe ready to introduce a new iPad with a textured touchscreen according to the latest technology news articles.  If true, the claim is you will have the capability to feel the texture of an image.

The company who discovered this new technology is Senseg.  Senseg, a Finland based company, claims to have the latest technology to not just allow users to touch a display screen, but to feel the image’s texture.  Just think about it. You may feel bristle, coarse hair when your screen displays the image of an elephant.  Can you imagine?

Neither Senseg nor Apple is talking.  Only time will tell.  How much time?  According to the latest technology news, Apple will be the first to make any announcement about a pairing of Senseg and the new iPad.

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I am eagerly waiting for more iPad technology news and I am also looking for the latest technology inventions being released.

See how Senseg plans to bring textures to your New iPad and other cool gadgets.

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